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350 LM Portable Outdoor Fishing Headlamp Light And Soft Riding Headband Lamp Waterproof Emergency Flashlight

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1. Soft light patch lamp beads: The night running headlight adopts soft light illumination, which has a wide range of illumination and is not dazzling.

2. Easy to use: This headlight supports a one-button switch design, which can switch strong light, medium brightness, and can flash at will.

3. Battery power supply: The night running headlight uses 3*AA dry batteries, no need to recharge, it is more convenient to replace the battery at any time.

4. Flashlight: This product is also a tool flashlight, which can free your hands and repair lighting.

5. Application: This headlight is widely used, suitable for outdoor night running safety, camping, adventure, and maintenance.


The headlight does not need to be charged, the battery can be replaced at any time, and the irradiation range is wide, not glare, suitable for outdoor lighting.


Charging method: 3*AA batteries (not included)

Lamp bead model: patch bead

Product lens: soft film

Focus mode: no focus

Product material: ABS material

Luminance: 350 lumens

Waterproof grade: household waterproof

Shift: strong light/ low light/ explosive flash

Product weight: 67g

Package Included:

1 * Headlight (without battery)

  • Certification:NONE
  • Model Number:1*Headlight (without battery)
  • Power Supply:Battery
  • Charging method:3*AA batteries (not included)
  • Lamp bead model:patch bead
  • Product lens:soft film
  • Focus mode:no focus
  • Product material:ABS material
  • Luminance:350 lumens
  • Waterproof grade:household waterproof
  • Shift:strong light/ low light/ explosive flash
  • Product weight:67g