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3D Flowing Quicksand Portrait Art Landscape Night Light

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The concept of a 3D flowing quicksand framed art painting night light sounds intriguing! Here are some ideas to consider as you develop it further:

Style and Design:

  • Theme: Choose a specific theme for your artwork, such as:

    • Nature: Depict landscapes, seascapes, or underwater scenes with flowing sand representing rivers, waterfalls, or ocean currents.
    • Abstract: Use geometric shapes, patterns, and contrasting colors for a modern and dynamic look.
    • Space: Create galaxies, nebulae, or planetary landscapes with swirling sand particles.

Product information:

Voltage: 5 (V)
Lampshade material: glass + fine sand + wood
Dimensions: 15*4.5*20cm (mm)
Switch Type: Push Button
Style: modern minimalist
Light color: orange red, red, blue, green, purple
Size: 15*4.5*20cm (W)
Power supply mode: plug in

Packing list:

Quicksand painting*1
Solid wood base*1