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Bug Zapper Light Bulb 2 in 1 Mosquito Killer Lamp LED Electronic Insect & Fly Killer Indoor & Outdoor Insect Zapper insect traps, Fly Zapper Safe & Non-Toxic Silent & Effortless Operation pest control

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INNOVATIVE BUG KILLER — Creepy flying bugs are the bane of our existence; not only do they invade living spaces, but also spread harmful diseases. Protect your family today with our 2-IN-1 bug zapper light bulb that is a unique combination of a light bulb and an electric insect killer — BEST insect killer light!ADVANCED BUG ZAPPER — Powered by a 365-420 nm ultraviolet LED bulb, our Bug Zapper Light Bulb attracts mosquitoes/moths/flies and then instantly zaps them with the help of the electronically charged metal grid. The Bug Zapper Light Bulb also provides soft white light that is easy on the eyes and has a color temperature of 6500 k with a brightness of 550 lumens.3 UNIQUE MODES — Choose between the different modes of the Bug Zapper Light Bulb with a flip of the switch — first one will give you light + bug-killing mode, second one will activate soft light, and the third one will give you bug-killing mode. CUTTING-EDGE 45° slope design makes the dead insects slip down automatically, preventing cleaning woes for you!SAFE AND NON-TOXIC — Get rid of annoying insects without having to deal with dangerous poisons, chemicals, and sprays that can release toxic substances/offensive odors into the environment and also harm kids/pets. Mosquito killer bulb has a long lifespan and operates quietly to let you have a good night’s sleep!EASY TO USE AND PREMIUM-QUALITY — Mosquito zapper can be fixed in any bulb socket and is ideal for both indoor and outdoor use. We also provide CUSTOMER SATISFACTION GUARANTEE with our insect zapper — we will either replace the product or provide you with a refund, no questions asked!

Flying bugs are not just an aance, but can also be danrous! While spys and chical insect soltons do solve the prblem, they also spread toxic substces into your ling space. Get rid of mosquoes, moths, and flies with the help of our insect killer light bulb!BUG ZAPPER LIGHT BULB

-SUPERIOR 2-in-1 design with an inbuilt light ulb and the insect zapping unit.
-Fits in any bulb socket for ease of usand connience.
-The LED bulb emits ulaviet ves beeen 365-420 nm to lure insects in, which are ten zapped insttly by the elically charged metal grill.
-Bug zapper bulb has a 45° slope that aomatically makes the dead insects slide don for a NO-TOUCH andMESS-FREE disposal.
-Light bulb gives out a soft white lit of 1200 lumens with a color temperature of 6500 k that does not sting the eyes.
-Electric bug zapper bulb has a lifeme of 50000 hours that makes it not just an efficient long-tm bugilling system, but also POCKET-FRIENDLY!
-Three different modes that can be actited with just a click of the switch — first flip will give you light + bug-kiing mode, second flip will activate soft light, and te third flip will give youug-killing mode.
-Can be used both indos and outdoors — kithen, bedroom, living room, dining room, bathom, garage, patio, fice room, warehouse, restaurant, and mor
-Noiseless opetion that allows you to sleep peacefully!
-Doesn’t emit any toxic fumes or cheals.


Shuld our pruct fail to plea you, we will either replace the product or offer you a full refund, with no quens sked.

So, why think twice? Go ahead and ORER NOW to recve our bug zapper bulb.