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Marine Style Home Decoration Ornaments

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1. This Mediterranean product has been carefully polished and polished. It is not a detailed product. If you find that the Hilsman handle, the disc has uneven coating, cracks, and uneven coating at the time of delivery, this is intentional. Old style, non-quality problem, please buy under the premise of looking for this style
2. Very atmospheric Mediterranean auxiliary decoration. Use classic blue and white,
3. The workers carefully rubbed the assistant with sandpaper into a mottled appearance.
4. Simple and textured. It is a Mediterranean style all-match product, suitable for hanging in any position.
5. It can be hung or placed.

Product information:

Material: Pine
Craft: Purely handmade
Category: Decoration
Production process: Grinding
Surface technology: painted
Decorative patterns: fish, insects, birds and beasts
Hanging form: ornaments
Production method: handmade
Packaging: carton packaging
Color: A:white fish skewers, B:white flat fish, C:backboard blue handle flat fish, D:backboard white handle fish skewers

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