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Creative Binaural Fruit Plate Fish Plate Dish

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Product information:
Material: Porcelain
Pattern: Plants and flowers
Shape: round
Color: TM-Bohemian round green vine yellow, TM-Bohemian round light blue green leaves, TM-Bohemian round brick red water drop, TM-Bohemian round dark blue torch, TM -Bohemian round green pattern yellow flower, TM-Bohemian round weaving red fire dance, TM-Bohemian oval green vine yellow, TM-Bohemian oval light blue green leaves, TM-Wave Red water droplets of Simi Oval Brick, TM-Bohemia Oval Dark Blue Torch, TM-Bohemia Oval Green Pattern Yellow Flower, TM-Bohemia Oval Weaving Red Fire Dance

Style1 Bohemian Round Ivy Yellow
Style2 Bohemian round light blue green leaves
Style3 Bohemian round brick red water drop
Stylestyle4 Bohemian round dark blue torch
Style5 Bohemian round green pattern yellow flower
Style6 Bohemian round weaving red fire dance
Style7 Bohemian Oval Ivy Yellow
Style8 Bohemian oval light blue green leaves
Style9 Bohemian Oval Brick Red Water Drop
Style10 Bohemian oval dark blue torch
Style11 Bohemian oval green pattern yellow flower
Style12 Bohemian oval woven red fire dance

Packing list:
Ceramic plate x1