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Creative Led Childrens Room Lamp Love Angel Girl Princess Room Lamp

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Type: Wrought Iron Ceiling Lamp
Applicable Places: Bedroom, Study Room
Voltage: 220V
Average Service Life: 5000 (h)
Light Source Type: Led Light
Shade Shape: Special Shape
Irradiation Area: 10㎡ -15㎡
Switch Type: Button Type, Remote Control Type

Q: What is white light/warm light?
A: It is monochromatic light, it can only brighten white light/warm light, use ordinary wall switch to control the switch light

Q: What are three colors?
A: Two-color led, commonly known as three-color dimming/three-color segmentation, can emit three colors of light.
With ordinary switch control,-segment white light is bright, one segment is warm light, and one segment is white and warm together (ie neutral light)
The brightness of each segment is fixed

Q: What is infinite dimming?
A: There is a remote control on the basis of three colors, and the remote control can adjust the temperature (between warm 2700K-white 6000K)
Smooth stepless adjustment), each color can adjust the brightness, can turn on and off the light, night light, turn off the light regularly,
Contains single-color and three-color functions

A: White light
B: Three-color dimming
C: Infinite dimming