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Cute Bear Wood Board Bread Plate Block Bear Shape Tray Black Walnut Cutting Board Table Decor Kitchen Accessories Coaster

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Wood's hard density makes it sustainable and is almost maintenance free
This cutting board can be used for cutting fruits, meat, bread, baked goods without unnecessary hacking and sawing
Extremely light yet very durable bamboo construction makes it hard to scar a bamboo cutting board with a knife and at the same time its soft nature does not damage or blunt your knives
The cutting board is perfect for any home cook or professional chef
Use right sanitation procedures to clean your bamboo cutting board by using warm water and soap or a dilution of bleach and water

Material: wood
Style: creative
Color: medium bear plate, large bear plate
Engraved whole wood from black walnut
(The black eyes and nose are inlaid with ebony wood, and the yellow nose is inlaid with beech wood),
Size information:
The medium size is about 23cm high*13cm wide*2.2cm thick
Large is about 31cm high*16cm wide*2.2cm thick

Package Content :

Wooden fruit tray*1