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Cute Mini Creative European Table Lamp Modern Led Crystal Bedroom Table Lamp Night Lights Crystal Lampe Bureau Room Decor

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The crystal salt lamp can radiate natural negative ions, especially in the heated state, and can effectively balance the content of positive and negative ions in the air. It is a natural air purifier. The main component of the crystal salt rock is sodium salt. The salt lamp absorbs water from the air, and then evaporates, absorbs water, evaporates again and again, and generates negative ions continuously in this process. The heated salt lamp absorbs the water molecules in the surrounding air to the surface. When the salt is mixed with the water molecules, it will dissolve. After the water evaporates, Na+ and Cl- return to the neutral state, and the evaporated water carries The negative ions produced by the ionization of water molecules, so the air is purified by this constant reaction. This unique ion generation process is only available in crystal salt mines, because the electrically neutral atomic structure of the salt mine determines the ability of the salt mine to generate such negative ions in the presence of water.


Lamp holder material: Crystal
Style: Light luxury
Size: Large square crystal+salt, four-layer crystal+salt, four-layer crystal+color stone(1style 2style 3style )
Voltage: 220V
Specifications: Ordinary flat plug, European standard, British standard, American standard

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Table Lamp*1