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Desktop Alcohol Stove Cross-border Outdoor Barbecue Decorative Fireplace

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Product information:
Specifications: ceramic type: 13.97 × 11.43 × cm, iron green type: 13.50 × 13.50 × cm, branch modeling type, iron straight type: 12.60 × 12.60 × cm
Function: decoration, household, heating, energy saving
Material: Metal
Style: Modern
Category: Fireplace

Current High Heat Resistant Ceramics: Our personal desktop fireplace is made of innovative ceramic materials, avoiding common cracking and damage to concrete, providing you with a more stable and long-lasting fire pit experience
Smokeless and Odorless: You can add 70%, 91%, or higher isopropanol clean fuel to the tabletop fire pit, which burns without any excess substances. Smokeless and odorless is healthier and safer, and the flame lasts for about 50-60 minutes after being filled with fuel
Portable desktop fire pit: You can easily move the ceramic desktop fire pit to the position you want, whether it is indoor or courtyard tabletop, creating a warm and comfortable decorative atmosphere without worrying about the volume of the concrete fire pit anymore
Safe and fashionable lifestyle: Personal mini table fire pit is not only suitable for camping and gatherings, but also a surprising gift. Please remember not to pour fuel into an open flame, or when the burner/fireplace is not in cold contact, it is recommended to use a long handled lighter or a long handled match for ignition

Packing list:
1 set of heaters
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