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Dessert Maker Electric Ice Cream Making Machine Yogurt Smoothie Squeezer

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1. Compared with traditional desserts, the fruit ice cream machine contains no artificial colors, no additives and preservatives, no butter, low sugar and low fat, and uses natural pure fruits as raw materials; the nutrition of fruits is preserved.
2. Ice cream can be made in a few seconds! It is favored by beauty-loving women and children.
3. Any fruit can make delicious ice cream, but it is best to mix 2 or 3 kinds of fruits together
4. Remember to put gelatinous fruit as the base material, such as banana, mango, strawberry, blueberry, dragon fruit, kiwi, chocolate, Oreo biscuits, raisins, cheese, etc. can be freely DIYed.

Product information:
Safety function: Automatic power off
Power supply mode: AC
Rated voltage: 220V
Rated power: 200 watts
Rated frequency: 50-60HZ
Function:Making ice cream
Control method: Push button
Usage: Semi-automatic
Number of bread slots: 2-3 slices 

Packing list:
Ice cream machine*1