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Fast-Boiling 1500W | Double Wall Safe Touch Cordless Glass Electric Kettle with Digital Temperature Control l Spout Filter | Auto Shut Off + Bonus Tea Infuser

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Savor the Flavor

Whether you’re into French-pressed coffee or herbal green tea, good ol’ cocoa or soothing hot lemon water, our glass hot water kettle helps you whip up a delish cup every single time. It takes just the right temperature to bring out the taste in your favorite hot beverage. Heat the water too low and you don’t get to experience the full spectrum of flavor; too high and you might damage some of the nutrients. We’ve fitted our double-walled glass heating kettle with an advanced digital LED temperature control system that lets you make precise adjustments up to 1°, quick increments of 10°, or even maintain the current temperature for hours using the keep warm feature. Get the flavor right by getting the temperature right.

Make a Statement

Crystal clear glass meets striking stainless steel to create a kettle that’s more than just an appliance; it’s a statement of class. Proudly display it on your kitchen countertop or confidently use it to serve guests in the dining room. We’ve upped the aesthetics with blue LEDs that beautifully illuminate the water as it boils. Never thought watching boiling water could be intriguing? Wait till you get your kettle!