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Electric Frying Pan, Household Dormitory Electric Steamer, Porridge Cooking

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Product information
Electric heating/hot pot function: steaming, frying, frying, frying, boiled, stewed, braised, hot pot
Body material: plastic
Capacity: 2L (inclusive)-3L (not included)
Inner pot depth: 8cm
Color: Off-white (mechanical) single layer, off-white (mechanical) double-layer, off-white (smart) single-layer, off-white (smart) double-layer, cherry pink (mechanical) single-layer, cherry pink ( Mechanical type) double layer, sakura powder (smart type) single layer, sakura powder (smart type) double layer, dark green (mechanical type) single layer, dark green (mechanical type) double layer, dark green (smart type) single layer ,Dark green (smart model) double layer

A: Off-white (mechanical) single layer,
B: Beige (mechanical) double layer,
C: Off-white (smart model) single layer,
D: Off-white (smart model) double layer,
E: Cherry blossom powder (mechanical model) single layer,
F: Sakura pink (mechanical) double layer,
G: Sakura powder (smart model) single layer,
H: Sakura pink (smart model) double layer,
I: Dark green (mechanical) single layer,
J: Dark green (mechanical) double layer,
K: Dark green (smart model) single layer,
L: Dark green (smart model) double layer

Packing list
Electric hot pot x1