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Electric heating socks heating socks electric heating socks heating foot warmer charging foot warming socks

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Material cotton
Applicable gender: neutral/male and female
Color gray + blue toe heel, black + gray toe heel, black
size: one size
Suitable shoe type Casual shoes, cloth shoes, leather shoes, sports shoes, warm shoes, boots, work shoes

Black A:
Accessories: 1 pair of socks, 2 energy-saving battery boxes (energy-saving battery box, IC with circuit controlled discharge), 2 bandages, customer's own battery, it is recommended to buy rechargeable No. 5 battery, so that the heating time is longer
1. Long heating time:
It can be used for 6 hours with 5 batteries
2. Hose length 31-33cm (36-43 yards)
3. Heating material: nano carbon fiber wire + cotton socks
Smart battery box function. After installing the battery, turn on the switch. Automatic heating, 8 minutes. Shut down for a minute. Work for two minutes. Shut down for one minute, work for two minutes..... Automatic cycle. No manual operation is required
When the battery box light is on, it will be electrified and heated
When the light is off, it stops heating (one set of products needs 6 batteries of No.5, and the customer needs No.5 batteries)
Grey and black:

The product includes two rechargeable lithium batteries, three temperature adjustment, and can be used for about 5 hours when fully charged