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Electric Neck Shoulder Back Massager Shiatsu Deep Kneading Massage with Heating

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Type: Neck Massager
 Operating Voltage&Power Consumption: DC 12V
4 Buttons: power on/off, massage direction and heat on/off,Adjust speed
Rated Power: 25W
Rated frequency: 50hz
Rated voltage: 12v
Noise decibel: 45db

Size: 41*17*50cm

Color: Black

Massage shawl is a portable tapping shoulder massage designed according to human physiology, combined with modern work and living habits.
The model simulates a human hand to beat the massage, and the mode is changeable, which effectively promotes blood circulation.
 And tapping massage on various parts of the body such as shoulders, back, waist, legs, etc., the rhythm of the beat varies.
It can burn fat and lose weight locally.
 Beautiful fashion and design, beautiful and generous.
Strong and powerful tapping and in-depth massage at both ends, according to the different massage methods set by the program, will give you unexpected relaxation and comfort.
 The 3rd level of force adjustment makes it easier to choose the strength that suits you, a variety of mode choices, how to knock on how to knock! The digital display function is more convenient to operate.
Full-featured 15 minutes automatic timing, safe and convenient.

For people:
1. Almost all adults have experienced low back pain and cervical pain, which is related to the changes in the environment, life and work habits of our lives. Massage can inhibit the nervous system, play an analgesic effect, relieve muscle spasm, improve blood circulation, promote inflammation around the nerves, and relieve nerve root compression.
2. Suitable for people who use hand work for a long time. Such as: drivers, long-term office staff, IT people, etc.
3. Suitable for people who are often sore in the waist, shoulders, neck and other related parts.
4. Suitable for the purchaser to give gifts.

1.It can help you to relieve tensions, stress and sore muscles for neck, shoulders, back, waist, body, arms, legs and feet.
2.2 massage directions: the nodes will auto-reverse each minute for better distribution of massage effects. Clockwise rotation and anticlockwise rotation.
3.Gentle heat function with overheat protection: the warmth helps you relieve tensions, stress and sore muscles. The roller heads can be heated to about 40 degrees only, so it will not hurt your skin.
4.Ergonomic U-design: support perfectly against the contoured shape of your body parts like neck, shoulder, upper back, lower back, arm, wrist, lumbar, leg, spine, ankle, foot, calf, hamstrings and thigh.
5.Portable and durable: includes a UL approved power adapter and a car charger, so you can have a electric self massage in office, car and home.( Quality guaranty for one year

Package includes:(US Plug)
1x Kneading Massager
1x AC Adapter
1x Car Charger

1x User Manual