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EMAX Interceptor Bnr Realtime FPV Camera Race Car

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Adjustable 25-200mw Real-time Hobby-grade FPV Video Transmission System - 1/24th scale on-road buggy design perfect for indoor racing - Plastic racing canopy and spoiler for slick racing look and distinct design - Rear friction coil shocks for smoother driving over rough surfaces - Rear wheel straight axle motor and transmission for direct power-to-the-ground feel

Worlds first FPV Car!
-Adjustable 25-200mw onboard FPV Video Transmission
-1/18th scale on-road buggy
-Rear friction coils shocks
-Rear wheel straight axle motor and transmission
-Durable front bumper
-Replaceable 300mah 1s 4.2v lipo battery
-Racket pinion steering
-Oversized wheels for stability
-Independent steering servo for precision control
-Rear spoiler
-Plastic racing canopy

By having a first person view camera embedded into the body, using FPV Virtual Reality Goggles gives drivers complete immersion into the out of body experience of their surroundings. By utilizing a 1/18th scale frame, the Interceptor gives drivers a smaller than life viewpoint, giving a greater sense of scale and speed, increasing spatial awareness and offering a unique point of view. Featuring tires that are 20% larger than other vehicles in its class, paired with a rear friction coil shock system, a smooth experience is achieved in order to make driving in this small of a scale comparable to its larger counterparts. With the usage of racket pinion steering and an independent steering servo, control at scaled up speeds are achievable providing the driver with the necessary tools required to navigate a variety of environments.

1x Interceptor First-Person-View (FPV) RC Car
1x Interceptor Controller