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Foldable Medium Size Waterproof Goggles UV Protection Sunglasses

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1. It can block ultraviolet rays and keep the dog's eyes away from sand or other small objects.
2. For dogs with eye disease or photophobia, this kind of glasses is the best choice.
3. This kind of sunglasses has anti-fog function.
4. There are different colors to choose from.
5. It makes your cute and cool dog more fashionable.

Product description:
material: plastic
Specifications: Dogs over 12 kg, miniatures, toys, pets are not suitable
The maximum strength is about 17cm. The widest part is about 5 cm
The width of the strap is about 2cm, and the maximum fold of the chin strap is about 19cm, and the minimum is about 9.5cm
The maximum fold of the back of the head bandage is about 17 cm, adjusted to the minimum of 8.2 cm

The product size is placed on the physical level and can be manually measured. There may be an error of 1~3cm, please pay attention to and consider this factor when purchasing! All product pictures are taken in kind. Since the difference between the lighting and the display may be different from the actual product, the problem is not a product quality problem. The final color is the actual product.

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