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Gofypel Mouth Guard, Night Guards for Grinding Teeth Custom Thermoplastic Dental Trays Thermoforming Dental Teeth Whitening Professionals Kit 4 PACK

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Why Choose Us: Repeatable molding. Since the water temperature and soaking time cannot be grasped, the molding effect of the tray is often not good. Even if the product is poorly formed, it can be reshaped in hot water at 90°C, which is not available in other products.High Quality: Good shape stability. If immersed in boiling water for a long time, the tray will not be seriously deformed or contracted, making it impossible to use it.Clear Material: With high transparency, the molded tray can maintain high transparency and is especially suitable for use with luminescence whitening instruments.Exquisite Process: Thermoplasticity is good, compared with similar products, the thermoplastic advantage is obvious, especially suitable for home use, the gum line is very clear.Package Content: 4 pack Mouth Trays.Thermoplastic dental tray has two functions, and can be used as a dentition tray for tooth whitening to support whitening glue, and can also be used as a molar tooth tray.

Usage Instructions:

1. Practice Wearing a Dental Tray: Put the tray on the upper gums, and use a method of
sucking to discharge the air between the tray and the gums, so that the tray can cover
the entire row of teeth (twice repeatedly, this is the production of dental trays.The lower
bracket is practiced in the same way.)

2. Soften the Tray: Pour 80°C water into the flat container. The water depth is to submerge
the tray and the handle is left outside the water. It is suitable to immerse the tray in water
for 5 ~ 7 seconds. (The tray is very soft at the moment, so immersion time should not be
too long, soft extension when the tray is raised, slightly deformed.)

3. Make the Tray: Put the tray up, carefully and quickly put the tray on the gums, and
continue to do the sucking method of step 1. The fingers press against the binding surface of
the tray and the teeth, making it thin, while the tongue is tight against the tray and
Inside the teeth. (Speed is fast, be careful not to bite hard. The tray is a little hot, but it
will not cause any harm.)

4. Cut off the excess material line along with the gingiva line (the line between the teeth
and the gum line) on the well-profiled dental tray. Use scissors to cut off excess material
and cut the handle. Cutting the upper part of the gum line, allows the gel to only come
into contact with the teeth and avoid gum damage.

Package included:
4*mouth guard night dental trays

1. If the tray is not made once, repeat it for a second time until it is satisfactory.

2. Before and after using the tray, rinse with clean water.

3. The dental tray replacement time is 3-4 months, the same as the toothbrush.

4. Due to different monitor and camera lights may cause slight color differences. Please
comprehensive pictures and text descriptions to determine!