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Hailicare Red Light Heated Belt

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-Hot compress. The penetration of infrared light, deep heating from the skin surface to the muscle tissue, alleviates waist problems from the inside out.
-Optional heating zone. You can control the heating of the waist or back or both.
-Three modes of temperature. 45 ℃ / 55 ℃ / 65 ℃, you can choose the right degree to relax and relieve pain.
-Vibration and massage. Built-in 2 insulated vibration machines, two massages can relieve pain.
-Moxibustion therapy. You can put mugwort into the body, heat Cao Ai, enter the subcutaneous tissue through the acupuncture point, the temperature gets deeper and deeper, and apply deep heat to the human body.
-Removable manganese steel support: Manganese steel support belt is located behind the belt to distribute waist pressure.
-Large capacity battery with car charger and AC adapter included. Convenient for use in cars and homes.

-washable. It is recommended to wash hands and not soak.289453df6  7 (2)