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Heated Scarf, USB Electric Cashmere Heating Scarf, Thick Heat Trapping Thermal Neck Warmers

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[Exceptional Safety] Heat transfer and advanced technology are leading the way. The cold aluminum releases heat, the aluminum blocks dissipate the heat and the physical heat increases, allowing you to enjoy a cold climate. Using the semiconductor heating technology using the second law of thermodynamics, the current generated by the semiconductor heating chip forms a temperature difference, exchanging thermal energy [The healing, healthier neck] becomes tense due to cooling and blood circulation deteriorates. Fatigue substances can accumulate on the neck and shoulders, resulting in stiff neck and shoulders. The warm cervical support can be used to warm the neck, and warming the neck will allow warm blood to circulate throughout the body [Convenient to use USB electric heating, two-stage temperature control] At home, in the office or on the move, you can use it as soon as you have a USB port. It can be charged easily and securely from laptops, mobile batteries, smartphone chargers, car power sources, and more. [Soft and comfortable]: The surface is silky, soft and comfortable. The internal heating wire is made of carbon fiber, which is safe and warm, and can be machine washed. Give a gift to your cervical support in 2019 with prayer for a healthy day! Send relatives, friends and the best gifts. [Indoor And Outdoor Use]: Suitable for indoor and outdoor activities to prevent frostbite in cold weather and warmth! At the same time, you can buy the hot gloves/heating socks/heating insoles in our shop to make your winter full of warmth.