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Heating Cushion for Car Temperature Control Heated Seat Pad

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The principle of the car seat cushion is the same as the electric blanket. The principle of the electric seat cushion is to add an adjustable temperature heating body in the seat cushion.
As long as the seat cushion power cord is connected to the cigarette lighter or power supply, the seat cushion can maintain 40℃ to 60 ℃ temperature. But we must pay attention to the use of safe and economical heating type, good quality and low price.
Many people suffer from back pain, chills, poor blood, rheumatism and bone pain. This type of heating cushion will not only save fuel and keep warm but also have health care functions. It is suitable for cars, offices, sofas, beds, etc.

Material: high-quality fiber composite material
Size: 128*49cm
Features: Effectively relieve pressure on the back and legs

Package Content:
1 x Heating Cushion