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Heating, Warmth Coaster Heating Base

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Electrical outlet

Made of high-quality plastic materials, it is safe, non-toxic, tasteless and healthy.
Visual temperature, light and portable, easy to carry, can be used to heat your milk, tea, coffee, etc.
The diameter of the cup bottom is less than 76mm, and the concave disc design can prevent the cup from slipping and overturning accidentally.
3 speeds of temperature adjustment. Press the button to turn on the default temperature of 55 degrees Celsius, press again to set the temperature to 65 degrees Celsius, press again to set the temperature to the highest temperature of 75 degrees Celsius, and long press to stop.
Suitable for schools, dormitories and offices, easy-to-use coasters.

Product information:
Shell material: Abs
Power supply mode: Usb
Control method: Push-button
Whether plugged in: Plugged in
Color: White, pink, green

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Plastic insulation pad × 1