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Hotel American Living Room Household Ceramic Lamp

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Electrical outlet

Product information :
Lamp holder material: ceramic
Model: Grid Desk Lamp
Size: Black Gold Medium + Pure Black Lampshade + Button Switch, Black Gold Medium + Black Gold Edge Lampshade, Platinum Medium + Pure White Lampshade, Platinum Medium + Platinum Edge Lampshade, Black Gold Large + Pure Black Lampshade, Black Gold Large + Black Gold Side lampshade, platinum large + pure white lampshade, platinum large + platinum edge lampshade
Voltage : 220V
Specifications: button switch, dimmer switch, three-color dimming, remote control switch

A: Black Gold Medium + Black Gold Edge Lampshade
B: Platinum medium + pure white lampshade
C: Platinum Medium + Platinum Edge Lampshade
D: black gold large + pure black lampshade
E: Black Gold Large + Black Gold Edge Lampshade
F: Platinum large + pure white lampshade
G: Platinum Large + White Gold Shade

Size Information:

Packing list:
Desk lamp*1