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Insuwun APP Control Electric Heated Pants 5 Level Temperature Control Men/Women

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[8 Zones heating & APP Bluetoot control]: The latest upgraded electric heating pants, with 8 heaters in 5 parts (calf x2, thigh x2, knee x2, waist x1, abdomen x1). Unique Bluetooth function, mobile phone smart switch and temperature adjustment. Heat up in 10 seconds, and quickly heat to 65°C in 30 seconds! The heating pants have anti-leakage and anti-static functions to improve safety.[5-Level temperature control & USB type]: USB charging (not included), when fully charged with 15000mAh mobile battery (not included), it can be used continuously from the lowest temperature to the highest temperature for 10h / 9h / 8h / 7h / 6h. 5 levels of temperature adjustment: strong (red 65°C), medium strong (green 60°C), medium (dark blue 55°C), medium weak (purple 50°C), weak (light blue 45°C), When the temperature reaches 70 degrees Celsius, it will automatically shut down.[Keep warm and cold] Infiltrate the meridians, promote blood circulation, relieve pain caused by cold air, relieve menstrual discomfort, lower back fatigue and soreness, and symptoms of abdominal cold. Warm the body and help sleep comfortably. It protects the human body from the cold, and is a countermeasure against knees, arthritis and Raynauds disease.[High-quality safe material] High-quality polyester material, no chemical residues, soft fabric, excellent wear resistance, is a natural and healthy electric heating underwear. The infrared heating of carbon fiber can emit far-infrared light waves, promote metabolism, activate human cells, and be beneficial to human health. Free bending will not damage. If you sweat, you can use it normally. Not only for yourself, but also as a gift for the elderly, friends and colleagues![Power saving and scope of application]: Mobile battery power supply can prevent cold anywhere. The thickened inner lining will not feel cold even if it is not heated, and can be used as ordinary trousers. It is very suitable for cold weather, any occasion such as home, office, car interior, watching sports games; any activity such as fishing, cycling, golf, skiing, mountain climbing, outdoor work, night shift, small outing, home and commuting! Stay warm in such daily situations!

Fabric: Polyester
Lining: plus velvet to thicken
Colour: Black
Heat-generating part: 8 heaters in 5 parts of calf, thigh, knee, waist and abdomen
Bluetooth type: When connected to the Bluetooth of the mobile phone, the temperature can be adjusted on the mobile phone, and it is convenient to turn on/off the mobile phone.
Usage time: Using 15000mAh battery, it can be used continuously for 10h / 9h / 8h / 7h / 6h from the lowest temperature to the highest temperature.
How to use: Press and hold the switch for about 3 seconds to "turn it on", press and hold the switch for 1 second to adjust the temperature step in sequence, and then hold it for about 3 seconds to turn it on. This will be "off".
Temperature control: 5 levels of adjustment (sky blue/45°C, purple/50°C, dark blue/55°C, green/60°C, red/65°C)

Cleaning method:
-When washing or storing electric pants, please remove the battery.
-We recommend washing hands to improve safety.
-If washing in a washing machine, it is recommended to use a laundry bag for washing.
-Do not dry mechanically or use bleach.

Please note:
-The package only contains heating pants, not USB cable and power bank.
-USB charging customers must use their own charging adapter.
-Dimensions are for reference only, but please note that due to manual measurement, there may be some differences.

Package included:
1*Heating Pants
1*User Guide