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Knight Gnomes Guard Garden Statues Resin Knight Dwarf Warrior Gnome Figurines Funny Cavalier Paladin Sculptures For Lawn Decor

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The dwarf protector knights, they are fighting, they love to fight!
Head to the garden and pastures to protect this territory.
Can you hear the battle cry? All cultures have their own folk tales, our gothic guardian dwarf will appear suddenly, ready to protect the garden from him at any moment.
Each statue of the Little Warrior is decorated with a classic halberd and a large helmet, made of high quality resin and fields individually hand painted in different colors.
A great gift for your favorite Gentleman or Lady.
The Gnome Knight Guard has eight styles


Material: Resin
Process: The resin process
Hanging form: ornaments
1style: Budici Axeman
2style: Swordsman in combat stance
3style: swordsman and lion heraldic shield
4style: Swordsman standing guard
5style: adolescence
6style: Dwarf Axemen
7style: Resting Swordsman
8style: spear competition

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