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Luxury Black Matte Asian Stoneware Dinnerware Set

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Product information:
Color: 6-inch square plate-type A, 6-inch square plate-type B, 6-inch square plate-type C model, 8-inch square plate-type A, 8-inch square plate-type B, 8-inch square plate-type C, 10-inch square plate-type A, 10-inch square plate-type B, 10-inch square plate-type C, 6-inch shallow plate-type A, 6-inch shallow plate-type B, 6-inch shallow plate-C model, 8-inch shallow plate-A model, 8-inch shallow plate-B model, 8-inch shallow plate-C model, 10-inch shallow plate-A model, 10-inch shallow plate-B model, 10-inch shallow plate-C model, cloud disk-A model, Cloud Disk-B model, Cloud Disk-C model
Material: Ceramic
Shape: Irregular
Surface Technology: glazed color map

Packing list:
Ceramic disc * 1
Product Image: