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Mini Smart Phone Projector Portable Home Use DIY Cardboard Projector Family Entertainment Projective Device

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A phone Projector is a homemade miniature mobile phone Projector.
The video/movie you're playing on your phone can be projected onto the wall, like a small home theater.
The Phone 2.0 product includes a Projector box, a magnifying lens, and some other accessory assemblies that can be installed easily.

Note: 1) This product is first positioned as an entertainment device. It is just a simple projection device toy, and it must not have good effect as a projector worth thousands of dollars. Do not compare, very mind the quality of the picture carefully shot;
2) The projection on the white wall is better. The darker the indoor environment is, the better the effect will be. At first, I will feel the picture is relatively dark, so I have to have a time to get used to it.
3) For videos with subtitles, they cannot be displayed forward, but backward.

How to use: Put your iPhone or Android smartphone in it, put it there, and push it in for viewing. According to the magnifying glass principle, the image is inverted, not a quality problem, but can be adjusted according to the situation: 1) if the image upside down, just flip the phone directly; (A) For Android phones, you can download "Ultimate Rotation Contro" software from "Google Play" to control the image flip. (b)iPhone, which can be adjusted by "Settings "--" universal "--" accessibility "--"assistive Touch"-- device -- rotation -- left/right row.

Material: Cardboard
Package Size:12*18*19cm

Package Content:
1x The projector