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Modern Minimalist Household Foot Lift Chair

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Product information :
Material: metal
Metal material: iron alloy
Color classification: Black disc low swivel chair white disc low swivel chair pink disc low swivel chair beige disc low swivel chair red disc low swivel chair green disc low swivel chair blue disc low swivel chair coffee disc Low Swivel ChairOrange DiscLow Swivel ChairWhite SeatBlack Back DiscLow Yellow DiscLow Swivel ChairBlack Five Claw Swivel ChairWhite Five Claw Swivel ChairPink Five Claw Swivel Chair Beige Five Claw Swivel ChairRed Five Claw Swivel ChairGreen Five Claw Swivel ChairSapphire Blue Color five-claw swivel chairBrown five-claw swivel chairOrange five-claw swivel chairRose red five-claw swivel chairYellow five-claw swivel chairPink with pedal swivel chairTake a picture of the color remarks
Fabric material: artificial leather
Armrest type: without armrest
Style positioning: economical

Size Information:

Packing list:
Swivel chair*1