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Mosquito Killer Trap Electric Bug Zapper Insect Fly Trap for Patio and Indoor Home

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Mosquito Killer Bug Zapper, UV Light, Fly Trap Indoor Patio Electronic Insect Killer

How to Use:
- Our MosquitoInsect Killer is suitable for home, restaurants, kitchen, bedroom, hotels and office.
- The effective area of this product is 30 square meters with correct using methods.
- Plug th bug zapper into an electric socket before switch on the light or switch off all the strong lights for 20-30 minutes.

Product Details:
- Material: PP+ABS
- Rated power: 1W
- Power supply voltage: AC 110V
- Power frequency: 60Hz

- Place mosquito zapper about 3 feet above floor level.
- Turn off all the lights, close the door and window.
- Turn on the mosquito light 3hr in advance before anybody entering the bedroom.
- Open and Clean the bottom tray every 4-6 days, or it works via dehydration.
- For better results, please use it continuously for 4-6 days.

Please Notice:
High Voltage! Keep it away from children and pets.