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Aquaphor Everyday Water Filter Pitcher, Powerful Ion and Aquelen Filtration System, Long Lasting Filter, Filters Chlorine, Lead, Heavy Metal, Remove Lime-scale, Filter Change Indicator,12 Cup

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The A5 Filter has one of the highest filtration certificate by the NSF including 42 & 53, insuring your water is as clean as it can be for your taste and health, the AQUALEN technology advantages of high speed, effectiveness for heavy metal, together with activated silver for bacteriostatic provides you highest quality filter on the marketREMARKABLE PERFORMANCE: The A5 8 stage Filter is highly efficient in colloidal iron and dirt retention due to its innovation cap and has an outrageous performance for Lime scale plus hundreds of containment including, sand, silt, rust, chlorine, heavy metals like lead, copper, mercury and organic compounds including pesticides, phenols, remnants of drugs. This will provide you the cleanest and tastiest water everOUTSTANDING QUALITY: This exceptional device is designed and manufactured in the EU to insure the best quality and experience, made of Food-grade San Plastic, high grade BPA Free materials improve the taste and healthiness of your filtered waterCLEANER HEALTHIER WATER: Get Aquaphor for a pure water filter pitcher that reduces chlorine, mercury, lead, copper, pesticides, phenols and other unwanted substances, Also reduce limescale in kettles and humidifies.12 CUP WATER FILTERING PITCHER: This filtered water pitcher for refrigerator has a 12 cup pitcher with a 1479 cup capacity filter for refreshing water that’s always available. Safely made with BPA free high quality plastic.

Prestige Pitcher
Simple design with easy to use slider lid and strong water filtration system

Drinking clean water is not a luxury. It doesn’t require expensive under sink filters, nor do you need to constantly buy bottled water.

Fresh pure water is available for every home with Aquaphor’s convenient everyday water filter pitcher. The Aquaphor indicator keeps you updated on when you’ll need to replace the filter, so you always have clean and refreshing water to drink. Drink from the best water filter pitcher.

Aquaphor is a global company built on 27 years of research and 130 patents.
AQUAPHOR water filtration systems purify longer and filter more contaminates at greater efficiency. Each product removes a wide range of hazardous water impurities, is aesthetically attractive, and easy to maintain.

Prestige filtering water pitcher has a large capacity and sleek design suitable for families and compact spaces. The NSF 42 and NSF 53 water pitcher is certified to reduce common tap water contaminants including chlorine, iron, lead, rust, and phenols. It also removes sediments and odors.

Unique Technology for a Pure Water Filter Pitcher:

  • The filter: This ion filter has Aqualen. A unique fibrous sorption material that effectively reduces heavy metals such as copper, iron, lead, mercury, and radioactive isotopes in the water. Aqualen fiber speeds up the flow of water through the filter while increasing the cleaning efficiency.
  • The filter change indicator: Using ecological technology, this indicator lets you know when you’re reaching the maximum use for the filter, without using a battery.

What’s included:

  • Pitcher
  • Funnel
  • Lid
  • Filter


  • Slider lid
  • Pitcher Capacity 12 cups (2.8L)
  • Filter life 1479 cups (350L)
  • Size: 252x117x250mm / 10”x4.6”x9.8”