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Outdoor water sports two inflatable kayak, raft boat

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Product Name: Double-tube two-person ship 

Outer diameter size: 198*122cm


Color: Blue 

Accessories: hand pump, a cotton rope, a pair of oars, repair kit


1. The temperature difference between the north and the South is large in winter. Do not inflate immediately after receiving the goods.

2. The inflatable product can be inflated immediately after it is bought back, but it can only be used after 8 hours (12 hours). A buffering process is needed for the drawing belt and joints in the air chamber;

3, inflation within 24 hours, the general inflatable products will be some slack, this is a normal phenomenon, because the air chamber material is slightly elastic, after filling gas will be some big soft, will feel relaxed, as long as the inflation to achieve the desired effect on the line, but not too full;

4, any inflatable products (including tires) will naturally leak, this is a normal phenomenon, pay attention to the timing of gas;

5, when cleaning wet soapy water cloth can be easily washed, do not use a hair dryer, washing machine cleaning, do not use chemicals, washing powder or any other grinding powder.

6. Do not store water in the pool for a long time to avoid tension fatigue and overturning.