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Personality Magic Hand Static Ion Lightning Light Magic Serve Magic Light

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1. Special appearance: According to our luxurious sky crystal ball, the future looks very turbulent. The function of the crystal ball is like a plasma ball: lightning moves with the finger on the surface, and the center emits a dazzling blue current.
2 Favorite: At the same time, Thunder rolled out of the base, and a pair of witches seemed to hold their destiny with the frozen slope. One of our favorites this season, you can only find it on Grandin Road.
3. Mysterious crystal ball: Hands stretched out from the Gothic platform to hold this mysterious crystal ball. Indoor lighting will change color to show convenient inconspicuous and conspicuous activities. Start preparing for your action.
4. The perfect Halloween accessories: Looking forward to the future and planning for the future, a lot of fun is provided by our crystal glass ball. Nothing makes a Halloween party buzzing like guessing at the table, my R., this is the perfect Halloween accessory.
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1. Halloween tabletop crystal ball props.
The working principle of the glass ball is similar to that of the plasma ball.
3. Thunder sound effects, control the volume.
4. The light will glow and change color.
5. The perfect way to enhance Halloween or birthday parties.

Product information:
Material: Resin
Process: Injection
Prop type: Scene decoration
Size: European standard 220V, American standard 110V
Product size: 22*15*12cm

Packaging Information:
Decoration x1