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Programmable Intelligent Multicooker

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This multicooker is  a programmable, versatile kitchen appliance that can be used for a variety of cooking tasks, such as steaming, sautéing, slow cooking, pressure cooking, and making yogurt. Even have additional functionalities like cake baking or rice steaming.
  • Steamer: The steaming function of the appliance, which is a key part of the rice cooking process. While not entirely synonymous, it could be used interchangeably in some situations.
  • Multi-cooker: Sophisticated rice cookers with additional functionalities like slow cooking, steaming vegetables, or making soup. It highlights the versatility of the appliance beyond just cooking rice.
  • Automated cooker: Automatic features of the appliance, distinguishing it from traditional non-automated methods of rice cooking.

Rated voltage:220v-50Hz
Rated power:200w