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Shark Teeth Mouth Kayak New Car Sticker

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Size 36.5 * 14CM
Commodity material: PVC material
MOQ: 5 sheets

installation method:
Installation method of small car sticker with transparent transfer film
1. Clean the body and keep it dry.
2. Determine where you want to post. Generally, while slowly applying, scratching with a tool and peeling off the backing paper.
3. If the graphics are really small, you can also tear off the transparent transfer film and stickers before attaching them. But care must be taken to prevent accidental adhesion.
4. After pasting, repeat scraping several times. Remove the clear transfer film.
5. Use a utility knife to draw a knife across the doors and seams, and apply them inward.
6. Don't let the car sticker and body separate or protrude.