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Small mini remote control submarine remote control boat children's new exotic water toys

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1.RX battery: including 3*AG13 

2.TX battery: 2*AAA (not included) 

3. Remote control size: 7.2*5.5*1.6CM 

4. Comes with RX battery: AG13*3PCS  

5. The weight of a single boat: 22.5 grams 


1. Indoor remote control submarine, suitable for use in fish tanks. 

2. There are fast forward, medium speed forward, left turn, right turn, backward back, turn, up and down and so on. 

3. When you don't want to remote control, you can use the DEMO function to let it automatically control. 

4. The boat is flashing with lights to control its switch. 

5. Infrared remote control, one frequency and three channels.