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Smart insulation cup

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Color: white, pink, black
Product single / packaging size: 220 * 66mm / 82 * 82 * 253mm
Material: pc + pp + silicone + 304 stainless steel

Product selling points:
1. OLED touch display, water temperature status, one-touch control, vibration induction
2.Straight drink design, can be operated with one hand, open with one touch, convenient and quick
3. Austenitic 304 stainless steel thick inner liner 4. Food-grade silicone, which can be removed and washed throughout the body 5. 360 ° upside-down does not leak, shakes and does not leak 6. Remind to drink water regularly, and turn on the timer function. Every hour, the glass will vibrate and the lights will flash to remind you to drink water
7. Triple high temperature baking paint, not afraid of slight touch and wear, smooth and delicate surface with texture 8. USB portable charging setting, built-in battery capacity of 90mah. Charging for one hour, long battery life 15 days