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Smart Portable Car Hot And Cold Coffee Cup

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Product information:

Car hot and cold cup parameters:

Material: ABS, aviation aluminum

1. Product size: 95*130*180mm
2. Packing size: 155*120*203mm
3. Product weight: 0.5KG including packaging weight: 0.6KG
4. Power parameters: input DC12V 36W
5. Accessories: 12V car charger*1 telescopic cup card*1
6. Performance parameters: the lowest temperature for quick cooling is 0 degrees and the highest temperature for quick heating is 60 degrees. (Constant temperature 40-60 degrees) (Statement: For reference only, the temperature of each cup will be slightly deviated, this data is not used as written evidence)
7. Product selling points: ●: Fast cooling, fast heating, easy to use ●: Minimalist design, simple and elegant, easy to operate, compact and convenient to carry ●: Simple design, digital large-screen temperature display design, fast cooling effect at a glance (very suitable for making videos live streaming)
8. Suitable environment ● Use environment: car water cup, office table ● Suitable for people: driving a group of office white-collar workers ● Frozen drinks: frozen canned Cola Red Bull mineral water boxed milk ● Warm in winter: quickly switch heating function, bottle warm milk, Mineral water heating, etc.

1. It needs to be charged and used in the car cigarette lighter with DC12V voltage output;
2. Trucks with DC24V voltage output need to be used with a dedicated transformer vehicle charger

Packing list:

BKLR3 Car Hot and Cold Cup + Special Coffee Cup + Home Adapter*1