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Smart Watch for Men Fitness Tracker Smartwatch Android iOS Compatible IP67 Waterprof with Blood Pressure Monitor GPS Text Bluetooth Round Black

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Product parameter

Display screen: 1.28p inch full fit TFT high definition 240*240 full circle screen

Button method: Two physical buttons+full touch operation

CPU: Low power consumption nRF52832 + torch core 5.0 music chip

Bluetooth: Bluetooth 4.0

Waterproof level: IP67dustproof and waterproof

Motion sensor: Bosch six-axis sensor

Heart rate sensor: HRS3300

Music memory: 256MB

Strap: PU belt/ stainless steel Milanese strap/ food grade silicone

System: IOS8.0 or above and Android 5.0 or above


1. Please keep the equipment and its accessories dry. Please do not use external heating equipment such as microwave oven or hair dryer to dry them.

2. Do not place equipment and accessories in areas with high or low temperature, otherwise it may cause equipment failure, fire or explosion.

3. Do not make the equipment and its accessories subject to strong impact or vibration, so lead to damage to the equipment and its accessories, resulting in equipment failure.

4. If the product is equipped with leather wristband, please avoid using it in the hot sun, direct sunlight, high temperature and humid environment. In case of water or sweet, please wipe it as soon as possible and put it in a cool and ventilated place for drying. Do not use external heating equipment such as microwave oven or hair dryer to dry the wet leather wrist band, otherwise the surface may appear shrinkage or expansion.

5. If the product is equipped with a light-colored wristband, please do not touch the dark clothing to avoid staining.

6. Before cleaning and maintenance, please stop using the equipment and disconnect all connections or cables with other equipment.

7. Please use a soft brush or clean soft cloth to clean the vg port, do not use a sharp metal object to wipe the charging port, to prevent scratches coating affect the c