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Traditional Talvera Pottery Plates Decorative Puebla Mexican Stonework

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Material: Porcelain
Pattern: plant flowers
Style: European
Shape: round
Color classification: white milky white yellow red wine red gold purple silver khaki light gray gray green light blue blue dark blue black navy blue apricot light green light brown light yellow dark green violet orange transparent coffee color champagne brown lemon yellow camel Dark gray, dark purple, pink, chocolate, dark khaki, army, green, sky blue, cyan, rose red, royal blue, watermelon red, light purple, beige, lotus, orange, peacock blue, purple, lake blue, maroon, fluorescent yellow, fluorescent green, dark brown, emerald green, ginger yellow Yellow sunflower / 8.5 inch British / Khaki 8.5 inch British / Blue 8.5 inch British / Red 8.5 inch fish plate / 8.5 inch tulip / 8.5 inch full flower plate Korean blue gemstone owl full flower plate / 8.5 inch hand-painted stamen plate hand-painted large flower / Khaki 8.5-inch hand-painted big flower/Khaki 8-inch hand-painted big flower/red 8 inch splendid prosperous leopard zebra giraffe light khaki small flower square plate hand-painted square plate/blue 8.75 inch dark blue noble blue
Number: 1
Disk type: flat disk
Tea tableware craft: underglaze color
Size: 8.5 inches

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