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Ultrasound Barrier Ultrasonic Pest Repeller – Indoor Electric Repellent for Rodents – No Spray, Nontoxic Indoor Wall Plug in

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Defend your home with the Ultrasound Barrier!

If you are looking to protect your home or business against pests, the Ultrasound Barrier is what you
need! Get control of your home back through the power of sound, providing 24/7 defense as soon as
you plug it in!

Get rid of pesky pests with Preventive protection!

Remove current pests and prevent new ones from showing up! With ultrasonic technology, this pest
repeller is effective at keeping rodents out of your house!

No Pest No Mess No Worries!

Mousetraps, poisons, sprays, and chemical deterrents are a thing of past! Thanks
to high frequency Ultrasonic waves, this cutting-edge device drives away pests! Simply plug the
Ultrasound Barrier in and let it go work driving pests away and preventing new ones, no more traps
or cleanup ever!

How to Install:

1.Install the Device in an open space with no objects blocking it
a.This can block the sound waves
2.Install one device in each room you want to protect
a.The ultrasound will not penetrate walls
3.For indoor use only

What to expect:

If you have current pests the activity may increase initially as the react to the ultrasound.
They will be seeking a way to get away from the sound so you may see them more as the move away.
The ultrasound will begin right away at deterring new pests from invading.
After 2-3 weeks the pest activity should disappear completely.

Product Specifications:

Input Voltage: 90 – 250 V
Output power: 4-6 W
Rated Frequency: 50-60 Hz
Output Frequency: 34 – 70 KHz
EPA Establishment Number: 95015-CHN-1