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Underglaze Round Plate Ceramic Household Creative Seasoning Saucer Dish

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Product information:
Color: 5.5 inch round dish Baikal, 5.5 inch round dish blue and white grid, 5.5 inch round dish rhynchophylla, 5.5 inch round dish mansty, 5.5 inch round dish Snow Plum, 5.5 inch round dish pear flower, 5.5 inch round dish yellow edge small flower, 5.5-inch round dish sky blue, 5.5-inch round plate Hailang, 5.5-inch round dish Blue Bee and flower, 5.5-inch round dish black fishnet, 5.5-inch round dish red edge Blue Leaf, 5.5-inch round dish green Roger, 5.5-inch round plate blue yellow rice pattern, 5.5-inch round plate chessboard grid, 5.5-inch round plate orange totem, 5.5-inch round plate thousand-segment grass, 5.5-inch round plate ethnic style, Shangri-La-inch 5.5-inch round plate, Christmas 5.5-inch round plate
Material: porcelain
Shape: round
Microwave oven: Available
Surface Technology: underglaze

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1* Dish
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