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Unique And Magical Metal Windmill Outdoor Dynamic Wind Spinners Wind Catchers Exotic Yard Patio Lawn Garden Decoration

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1. Special design for perfect garden decoration: Each blade of this spinner is designed to spin in different directions, and the ball bearing structure enables our wind catcher to spin quietly even in the lightest wind.
2. Illuminate your garden with seasonal colors and impress your neighbors: it is easy to be seen and respected by passers-by, but it will not disturb the neighbors. Spend time and relax on the sun terrace or in the yard. It looks great.
3. Stable, stable, with modern functions and antique magic: Many outdoor windshields have a blade that can rotate in one direction. Our solar wind spinner has a solid metal structure with dual wind movement. Two layers of blades rotate smoothly in opposite directions on sealed bearings. Our durable organic wind farm has a functional modern style and a magical era, with stable piles at the bottom to ensure a good stormy day for its planting.
4. Convenient installation: This landscaping decoration is easy to assemble according to the instructions, no additional wiring is required, just place it in a sunny place with a metal pile, and you can enjoy your garden decoration.
5. High quality: This revolving garden is constructed with durable iron metal parts and long-term combined finishes and aluminum foil coatings. Bright metal and reflective coatings create the visual experience of the garden.


Material: stainless steel
Craft: Purely handmade
Category: Stainless steel
Hanging form: ornaments
Style: Chinese
Modeling: Abstract
Production method: semi-manual and semi-mechanical

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Stainless steel statue X1