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UV Germicidal Light UVC Lamp Timer | UV Disinfection Light Bulb with Remote Control 25 W | No Ozone Lamp UV Light Disinfection and UV Light Sanitizer for Home

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Voltage: 110 V
Wavelength: 253.7nm
Remote Control Range: up to 65 ft
Timer: 15, 30, 60 min

Using the Remote:
1. Connect the lamp base to a power source
2. Set the desired timer duration i.e. 15/30/60 minutes, by
pressing a timer button.
3. The light indicator will start flashing confirming that the
selection is confirmed and the lamp will turn on.

When used with a UVC Light Bulb to make a UV light sanitizer for room:

  • Leave the UV room when it's being sterilized
  • Do NOT stare at the room uv light sanitizer when it is turned on
  • Use the remote from a safe distance away
    Handle the far UVC light bulb with care

Warning: When using this uv germicidal lamp, don’t look directly at the working uv sanitizer lamp. Prolonged exposure to germicidal ultraviolet rays can burn human and animal skin and damage eyes. Avoid touching the uvc light sanitizer bulb; it might reduce the lifespan of the germicidal lamps. People/pets/plants can’t be exposed to the UVC light and must leave the room when the ultraviolet disinfection lamp works. Don't enter the room for one hour after you turn off the uv light room sanitizer and open the windows to ventilate the area.