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Wilderness Survival Grenade Kit,Firwood 30 in 1 Emergency First Aid Pack,550 Paracord,Fire Starter,Whistle,Wire Saw,Fishing Hook,for Hiking Camping

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Brand: Firwood

Color: Silver


  • 34.5 feet 7 strands 550 parachute cord load 350 pounds,it used to connect sticks as splint,replace shoe lace,make net for carry something,make hunting trap, fixed luggage... even if it have ability to bear 350 pounds,I will not suggest that use it as climbing rope
  • Fire Starter made of magnesium,scrape it with knife blade upon cotton ball, we will start fire(replace cotton ball to sawdust is work too);Additional,capture aquatic creatures via fishing line/hooks/floats, we will get a barbecue party in wild
  • Cleaning wound with alcohol pad,stitch wound via needle(if necessary),attach on a bandage; Come on! wiped tear away,we have a long way
  • A shrill whistle always better than cry "help" for take attention;foil paper reflect light or keep warm for something; Collecting firewood or cut off obstacle by wire saw, go through brambles as highway
  • At last,please let me introduce the universal tool card. A little metal guy,Integrated 11 tool functions. Such as screwdriver,bottle opener, spanner,rule,saw blade...

Part Number: GHSP362

Details: All the tools collected in a 2.7'' plastic box which surround by parachute cord. A handheld wilderness survival kit,the best gift for explorers Package include: 1 x Cotton Ball 1 x Whistle 1 x Needle 1 x Knife Blade 1 x Fire Starter (magnesium stick) 1 x Tool Card 1 x Specifications 1 x Wire Saw 1 x Aluminum Foil 1 x Flashlight 1 x Mountaineering Bukle 1 x Royal Buckle 1 x Compass 1 x Paracord Rope 1 x Fishing Lines 16 Feet 2 x Bandages 2 x Alcohol Pad 2 x Back Needles 2 x Safety Pins 2 x Weights 2 x Swivels 2 x Fishing Hooks 2 x Fishing Floats

EAN: 0602860607421

Package Dimensions: 5.9 x 3.9 x 1.9 inches