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Wireless WIFI Remote Monitoring Intelligent Visualization

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Electrical outlet

Product information:
Power supply voltage: 5V (V)
Ringing tone: 52 tones
Power consumption: 5 (W)
Specification: U8 visual doorbell
Size: 134x48x25mm


4. Extra long standby time of 2 months.
5. Two way call, one way video, identify the caller.
6. Human body induction, if someone stays, the host wakes up and sends a message.
7. Infrared night vision, night like day to identify visitors.
8. Video recording, mobile detection video recording, doorbell button start video recording, APP preview video recording, and record visitors' behavior.
9. Support multiple languages, follow the changes of mobile phone language system, and the default language is English.
10. Support 8 mobile phones to connect doorbell, and 3 mobile phones to watch at the same time.
11. It supports 3-day free circular cloud storage, but does not support TF card storage.
12. Charging mode: USB DC 5V.

Packing list:

Door bell X1PCS